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Matt Pucci is a teacher, writer, editor and blogger...

(amongst other things.)

This is his personal space, where he posts about music, travel, food, books, and all manner of things that inspire him.

Matt has been, at various times, a bar-tender; a snowboard salesman; an English teacher; and the winner of Rant of the Week in Kerrang! magazine.

At some point along the way he noticed how much money people were making from writing* and thought, Hot damn! I want a slice o’ that. He now divides his time between the UK and Barcelona, in pursuit of this dream.

Matt’s written work has appeared in various locations over the years, online and in print, in such publications as Document Snowboard, Word Riot, the Vine Leaves Literary Journal, Parable Press, MexBcn, God Is In the TV, and This Festival Feeling.

In his professional capacity Matt divides his time between teaching / tutoring; content creation (generally but not exclusively in the form of book and music reviews); and delivering consultant editor services for other writers. He offers a range of services to suit most requirements at very affordable rates.

If you’re interested in working with Matt, please feel free to get in touch.

*This may have been something that came to him in a dream... nobody** makes any money from writing.

**except Jeffrey Archer

Services I Supply

(...and the nice things people say)


..."Matt is as avid a reader as he is a writer. If you're looking to commission content that will deliver incisive opinions to a discerning readership then look no further..."  


..."Matt is the kind of tutor that you invite into your home not just because you're confident of his ability to challenge and inspire your child, but because you know he's also going to enhance their childhood..."  


..."Matt walked me through the editing process with tireless humor and encouragement and a meticulous attention to detail. He was kind and gentle to this sensitive, first-time author..."



Stuff I Write About...



...because some days are best spent observing...


Here's a few excerpts from some of Matt's recent testimonials. To read them in full just click the 'read more' button.


...his exceptional editorial skills are evident not only in the feedback he’ll give you on your story (which will show you your strengths and weaknesses, and fine tune technical issues like grammatical errors and passive voice), but also in the quality of fiction he writes himself... ”

"...aside from his technical abilities and gift with the written word, Matt’s also a gracious, engaging man, which goes a long way in this world."

“...I’ve watched Matt take a story and gut it, rework it over and over, and mold it into a thing of beauty and resonance..."

“Without Matt’s help it would’ve taken a lot longer to get my first story published..."

"... I learned more in a week of working with Matt than in years of writing on my own. I’ve now had two more stories accepted for publication.”

"When I finished my novel, the thought of anyone reading it made me panic, like I was stripping off my clothing in a room full of strangers. “Yes, Jess,” Matt told me. “Now that you have worked so hard on your novel, keep it in a locked drawer, in a room that no one goes in…” So I sent it..."

"...Matt is unfailingly generous with his talent. He’s a brilliant writer. A supportive teacher. And he’s a damn good editor who fully commits himself to understanding the author’s intentions and works unselfishly toward that end."

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