27 things the children in my class learned this year

27 things the children in my class have learned this year


Well, it’s almost over. Seven more weeks and that’ll be another academic year complete. But what have we learnt?

Below is a selection of the comments my class of eight- and nine-year-olds wrote down when I asked them to answer that very question. I’ve copied them exactly as they appeared in their books (one for each child) and I have to say, it made me proud. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that you can only teach children who allow you to teach them, so this is a tribute to them as much as anything else…

1.     When important people died in Ancient Egypt, they were mummified. Poor people just died.

2.     Mr Pucci cannot climb over a fence without getting his foot stuck.

3.     Frogs are smooth and slimy.

4.     I learned to spell wich wich which.

5.     Knocking down trees is a threat to animals because it’s their habitat.

6.     I have learnt all the names of the Roman Gods.

7.     How to build the Sagrada Familia out of nanoblocks.

8.     You can’t force people to play your favrout games.

9.     That grammar can be fun!

10.  Whatever you do to the denominator you have to do to the numerator.

11.  If you put four fishfingers in 42 fishfinger sandwiches you would need 168 fishfingers.

12.  A platypus is a mammal that lays eggs.

13.  I learned what fingers not to put up [at Mr Pucci].

14.  Baby crane flies look like they are wearing leather jackets.

15.  How to do scorpion press-ups.

16.  A goat’s eye looks like a pie if you look really closely.

17.  In PE we have lernt that you can have more fun if you work together.

18.  PE stands for phisycl education.

19.  Okay is a four letter word.

20.  It’s ok to make mistakes.

21.  Mr Pucci LOVES football and he can do a rabano kick.

22.  Mr Pucci sometimes wears spotty socks!

23.  The i before e rule is not a rule!

24.  You need to use a comma before the word which.

25.  Roman structures are hard to build.

26.  I found out I CAN run a mile.

27.  Creative means lots of things, not just art.


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