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“Film not the same as book,” complains idiot

The Daily Bandwagon

A man who went to see a film based on one of his favourite novels has complained that it was different to the book, and that the makers of the film “got it completely wrong” because it didn’t match his vision of how it would look on the big screen.

Jim Knowles, an IT consultant from Skegness, said, “It just wasn’t what I wanted it to be like. When I read the book, I had a perfect picture in my head of how each scene should be filmed. The director and the actors obviously didn’t share my vision, and just did it their own way.”

Mr Knowles—who has no experience of working in film, or any writing credentials whatsoever—added: “They changed some of the dialogue, re-worked certain scenes, and generally just got a bit too creative in their interpretation of [the book]. I feel massively let down.”

When asked if he would be taking any further action, such as offering a more in-depth critique of the film, or working on his own adaptation of the book, Knowles responded by saying, “Nah. I’ll probably just post a one star review of it on Amazon when it comes out on DVD.”