The Daily Bandwagon

Mother has meltdown. Everything changes.

The Daily Bandwagon

Tracey Bustle, a 39-year-old mother of three took drastic action in Dunstable yesterday to combat the ever-shifting glacier of attitude creeping her way and threatening to engulf her entirely.

“I literally couldn’t take it anymore,” wept an emotional Bustle.

“I barricaded myself in the bathroom and drank half a bottle of Listerine. Then I wrote ‘Enough is enough’ in mascara on the toilet roll and shoved it under the door.”

Five-year-old Noah was the first to find Bustle’s diktat. He took it to older sister Megan, 12, to decipher. Megan described to us her feelings as she read the impassioned note aloud: “I can’t describe how I felt,” she mumbled, somewhat incoherently.

“Five minutes later the toilet roll came back under the door,” cried a by-now-over-emotional Bustle. “Megan has written ‘OK’ on the back and Noah had drawn a smiley face in red sharpie, or possibly blood. Everything changed in that moment.”

16-year-old Stephen rolled his eyes, sucked his teeth and growled: “Seriously? This is so embarrassing.”