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“No pride, nor prejudice for me…”

The Daily Bandwagon

A middle-aged woman has confessed that she’ll probably never actually get around to reading ‘Pride and Prejudice’.

Jane Ashton, 44, smiled ruefully as she admitted that she just can’t get into the 203-year old classic, bought for her by a well-intentioned friend.

“I can’t even watch the film, and I quite like Keira Knightley as a rule…”

“I’ve got an A-level in English literature, but the closest I’ve come to classic fiction in the last 20 years is an attempt to craft a hedgehog from my ex-husband’s copy of The Lord of the Rings.”

Jane joins the growing ranks of adult women who no longer read anything more challenging than the DM side-bar of shame. In a pitiful turn of events she revealed that she’s lied to her friend and turned to the internet to cover up her shortcomings:

“I posted a picture of the front cover on Instagram and tagged her so she’d think I was reading it. Ten minutes later I was at the hairdresser’s elbow-deep in ‘Hello’.

We contacted local bookshop owner Genevieve Allegra for her thoughts. She said: “I can see why, to be honest. I’ve always been much more of a Jilly Cooper fan. P&P falls crushingly short of the requisite number of riding crops.”