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Albums of the Year 2015 (Part One)


I’m under no illusions about the fact that very few people give a hoot about the music I listen to. Problem is, I really like music, and I quite like writing about too. Rock, metal, hip-hop, pop… it’s all good. Unless, of course, it’s not. Among the other things you may or may not need to know is that I still buy CDs; I also go to gigs on my own, and I read the lyrics of the albums I buy while I’m sitting taking a dump.

Anyway, in light of these facts, and bearing in mind how much the internet loves a list, I’ve written a few words on a bunch of albums that were released this year—albums I enjoyed listening to. I hope you enjoy reading about them… even if you’re never going to listen to any of them. Which, let’s face it, is more than likely.