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Self-proclaimed ‘Grammar Nazi’ actually just ‘a bit of a dick’.

The Daily Bandwagon

A man in his mid-thirties, who claims it is his duty to correct any grammar or spelling mistakes he observes, is actually just ‘a bit of a dick’, it has emerged.

Whilst most people would overlook the odd spelling mistake in a status update on social media, Pat Mucci points it out in a deliberate attempt at publicly humiliating them. “F–k it,” he said, speaking to The Daily Bandwagon. “If these noobs don’t know the correct use of ‘their’, ‘you’re’ and ‘a go’, then this is the only way for them to learn.”

Long-time friend and victim of Pat Mucci’s scapegoating, Scott White, said: “Most of my Facebook friends tend to ignore my dyslexia. They don’t even mind if I place a full stop outside the closing speech marks. Mucci, on the other hand, will use his literal [sic] skills and passive-aggressive nature to ruin my day, tearing apart the post I wrote about what the idiot barista said as he handed me my flat white that morning. I guess some might say it’s important to have people like Mucci in your friend list, others would argue he’s just being a total f–king dick.”

“Meh,” said Mucci, with a shrug. “Some things are more important than being popular.”